With the winter months spreading their gloom and people reclining into their homes and warm blankets, it is time to start thinking of socializing in a new way. Thanks to the internet and the plethora of entertainment options available through it, you can never be bored. But for all those living far away from family

Online dating or virtual dating has been around for over a decade now. However, unlike earlier, when online dating was associated with desperate people wanting to hook up with somebody, this era has seen a positive change in the online dating scenario. An increasing number of youngsters are looking at online dating as a mainstay

There is no denying that video chatting portals have been around for a long time. Back when most people were not familiar with modern technology, video chatting was limited to a tech-savvy demographic. However, video chatting platforms have garnered enormous popularity all thanks to the explosion of technological advances. The unexpected emergence of the Covid-19

  Video chat has become a large part of people’s day to day lives since the Coronavirus pandemic began in 2020. What used to be a random occurrence for special occasions, has now become one of the top ways for people to stay connected with family and friends. Paltalk has been proud to offer a

COVID-19 has plagued everyone’s lives in different ways, with stay-at-home, work-from-home and social distancing becoming the normal way of life. With such severe restrictions in place, it has become increasingly difficult to step out to socialize. As a result, video chatting portals have seen a huge upsurge as they are the closest way to feel

It has been a year since COVID-19 hit the world and turned life upside down. Since then, life has taken a complete turn for children and adults alike. Travel has come to a halt and other routine things like going out for a movie, meeting friends for dinner, and even going on dates seem like

Digitization is the key today, with many basics and essentials being done online. From buying groceries and ordering food to shopping and even attending meetings and seminars. Today, the world has shrunk into our smart gadgets, giving us the opportunity and convenience to do everything with the click of a button. The relevance of the

The deadly coronavirus has made a re-entry in most places and many nations have slowly retreated into lockdown. Social distancing practices are being followed stringently too, making virtual hangouts and online meet-ups the long-term plan. Video chatting platforms are the best way to have these social gatherings. They help you to stay in touch with

The COVID-19 pandemic has overtaken our lives. Even after several months enduring the effects of this dreaded virus, life has not returned to normal completely. However, people have worked around living with the virus and the social isolation it has brought about. They have found a new way to function. For instance, people have turned

There’s plenty to be worried about with the coronavirus COVID-19 spreading around the world, especially if you have old or immunocompromised loved ones, or, you know, a deep fondness for pharmacy-brand hand sanitizer. Many people have friends in quarantine or loved ones who cannot leave the house. However, news sites, government agencies, and even the